We recently introduced a new Weed Eliminator van to our fleet. You might see it out and about in Auckland, getting rid of weeds in a way that’s not dangerous to people or damaging to the environment.

Getting rid of weeds can be tricky because the chemicals in traditional weed killers can be harmful to people, animals and other plants that are not weeds. To get around this, we needed an environmentally friendly solution that was effective enough to get rid of weeds for our clients. The solution was installing Weedingtech machinery in a Civic Waste van. Weedingtech is a special piece of equipment from here in New Zealand. It uses low pressure to disperse Foamsteam, a herbicide-free, hot foam that is approved as an organic biocide. The steam, which contains potato starch, covers the weeds and sticks to them, trapping in heat that kills them. It’s a patented treatment that has none of the nasty chemicals, including the glysophosphate found in products such as Roundup, in it. And it means that we can eradicate weeds around footpaths, town centres, schools, forecourts and all sorts of commercial sites without any danger to people, animals or delicate environments. And, due to the system’s high heat retention, it is also suitable for other outdoor cleaning tasks, including chewing gum removal, power washing and general sanitisation jobs. This makes it a highly effective, all-round, urban space management system, so we’re looking at adding more vans to the fleet in the near future. 

For a quote on a weeding job, or powerwashing and sanitisation with Foamstream, get in touch