Organics & Recyclables

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Civic collects and sustainably disposes of many different waste streams

Our priority is avoiding disposal to landfill wherever possible. We either process this material ourselves or work with a network of partners who specialise in the sustainable reuse of materials collected.

Options for waste that we can collect and recycle, repurpose, or divert from landfill include:

  • Food waste – processed by composting, animal feed, or biogas
  • Paper & Cardboard – processed for reuse as paper and cardboard products
  • Glass – sorted and sent for reuse in glass container manufacturing
  • Metals – processed through scrap metal dealers
  • Plastic – sent for sorting and reuse as packaging or other recycled plastic products
  • Green Waste – processed as composting
  • Road & Sweeping waste
  • Shrink Wrap
  • Polystyrene

We can help you assess your current waste and provide the best solution for financial and environmental savings.