Our collaboration with AMC Commercial Cleaning is a great example of how our way of working pays off for our clients and partners. The New Zealand-wide cleaning company had subcontracted out to another provider the waste collection that was part of a cleaning contract, but were being called most weeks by their customer with the complaint that their waste had not been collected. As the contract holder, AMC would have to urgently try their best to rectify the problem: they’d call the waste service provider to ask them to collect the waste that had been missed, but the subcontractor didn’t have the flexibility to leave the run that was scheduled in for that day and pick up the bins they’d missed. The waste collection provide would offer AMC a refund and leave the bins overflowing until the following week’s scheduled collection. It was not the level of service the cleaning company wanted to be known for and before long the performance from the waste collection provider was damaging the reputation of AMC, making it difficult to convince the client that they were capable of executing the cleaning contract.

That’s where we stepped in. Civic now services this customer on behalf of AMC and takes care of waste collection reliably and consistently. Communication, we find, is key with these collaborations. Before starting the contract, we listened to the customer so we could understand why the bins were being missed, and we developed a plan so that that couldn’t happen with us.  We put the right schedule in place, ensured that the bins were put in the right location for us and that we had access to them. We set up a direct line of communication between the Civic manager in charge of instructing our drivers on the contract and the client, to save AMC the added admin of relaying information between us and them.

Now that we’re on the job, we prioritise being flexible to meet their needs. When the customer asks for additional collections, we can make that happen. If they need a one-off service, we can do that too. “After endless issues with our previous provider, Civic have just got on with the job they promised and delivered without any hassles,” says Dianne Chatterley, senior account manager at AMC. “They make everything so easy.”

 At the Aon Centre in Wellington, we take a similar approach. There we collaborate with Total Property Services. Like AMC, they were having issues with a sub-contracted waste collection provider. We stepped in and took their pain away when it came to removing waste from the Aon Centre. As a result, Total Property Services have now contracted us to all of the sites that they manage waste collection for in the Capital city.

“We are 100% happier since making the switch to Civic Waste for our waste removal,” explains Di Kitiseni, Wellington operations manager, Total Property Services. “They provide a quality, reliable service that is great value for money.”

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