Civic Waste offers sweeping, scrubbing, steam pressure washing and graffiti removal services, with a focus on sustainability.

Civic Waste continues to find new ways of working in our sector that will ensure our impact on the environment is both positive and sustainable. Here are some of the key milestones we have achieved to date.

Environmental wash-bay

Civic’s vehicle wash-bay is designed to collect, filter and recycle its own water.

Hybrid & electric-powered vehicles

We have invested in both hybrid and electric-powered cars, vans and trucks.

Low-impact steam-cleaning equipment

Our steam-cleaning equipment is designed to operate soundlessly at night, meaning there is no disturbance to residents.

Automated bin sensors

We have deployed technology to remotely capture data on litter bin usage, reducing vehicles emissions by cutting out unnecessary travel.

Compacting litter bins

We have installed litter bins that automatically compact waste, increasing public bin capacity and preventing waste from spilling out.

Soft-wash equipment

We have developed specialised cleaning equipment that uses significantly less water, making it better for the environment, while also providing a better cleaning finish.