Construction sites are not somewhere you think of needing to be kept clean and tidy, but with trucks hauling thousands of tonnes of earth in and out of sites, there is often waste that falls off dirty wheels or escapes from the backs of trucks. That mess needs to be swept up to avoid council fines and to keep the site operating efficiently. Construction companies and civil contractors in the Auckland, Waikato and Wellington regions rely on Civic Waste to keep their sites tidy for them.

Our workers have been operating road sweepers since 1987, so we’re experts in this field. We sweep thousands of kilometres of road and surfaces, collecting thousands of tonnes of waste, each year. And our work is quick, economical, and thorough.

For the past two years, we’ve been working with civil engineering company Vuksich & Borich on their site maintenance. “In that time, we have found Civic very easy to work with,” says Zoran Sulenta, a site engineer at Vuksich & Borich. “Brad, their Hard Surface Operations manager has good communication, is very accommodating and always finds a way to help us out… I would be happy to recommend Civic Wastes services.”

Our vacuum suction road sweeper trucks hold 6m3 of waste, have dual steering, and a suction box that spans the width of the truck, changeable brush heads for sensitive or coarse sweeping and utilise water jets to minimise dust.

“We have been very happy with the professionalism, quality of work and value for money so have bought them on as a preferred supplier,” says another client, Sam Robson, project Manager at Universal Homes. “We look forward to having Civic Waste as a part of our team for the length of our large housing development project in West Hills.”

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