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If you live in a neighbourhood with newly painted walls or in a highrise building proximal to an urban environment, the chances are you walk past Graffiti occasionally. Municipalities and private property owners have to deal with Graffiti incursions all the time. If you need help with your Graffiti problems, give Civic Waste a call.

We have over thirty-five years experience in the safe and environmentally friendly re-beautification of New Zealand’s towns and cities.

This section is here to provide you with information about how to combat unsightly Graffiti. Please feel free to contact Civic Waste for advice about Graffiti eradication techniques and services.

New Zealand has recently witnessed a substantial increase in vandalism to buildings and fixtures, popularly called ‘Graffiti tagging.’ While not all Graffiti is unsightly or proprietary in nature, a wide majority of it is related to gangs marking their territory and can even contain offensive words and/or signs and symbols. 

Furthermore, gang-related and offensive Graffiti decreases property value in the area, which in turn negatively impacts retail sale prices. In some instances, Graffiti has even been linked to an increase of petty crime in the area. If Graffiti is left to settle on an historic building or monument, it can lead to the surface of the artefact being permanently damaged.

No matter how colourful and artistic the Graffiti is, it sends out a certain negative message to the public. Vandals use Graffiti to send a message and place it anywhere they feel like, such as:

  • Private and public properties
  • Signage
  • Buildings
  • Fixtures
  • Road signs

Our goal is to provide property owners and public institutions with an effective, long-term solution to unsightly Graffiti, with our dedicated Graffiti Removal Service for corporate companies, schools, shopping centres, municipalities, and both residential and business complexes.

This is why Civic Waste prioritises its Graffiti Removal Services.  As a 100% Kiwi owned and operated business with more than 150 full-time staff, our well-established and efficient cleaning methods tackle Graffiti and thoroughly eradicate it, while preserving the surface underneath.

Civic Waste Graffiti Removal Service uses products from the most advanced, patented, water-based, environmentally-friendly technology in the world, all the while ensuring the best value for money for our valued clients.

The Graffiti Removal products our staff use are:

  • User-friendly
  • Biodegradable 
  • Safe to work with and to live with
  • Extremely effective

At Civic Waste, we understand that not every household’s budget can stretch to hiring a professional team of Graffiti cleaners to beautify your neighbourhood. So with that in mind, here are some helpful Graffiti removal tips.

  • The minute you clock some Graffiti on your walls or fencing, make sure to remove it as soon as you can.
  • Remember that the goal is to remove the Graffiti gently so as not to harm the surface underneath it.
  • Even if you are not using dangerous and toxic Graffiti removal products, don’t forget that Graffiti spray paint is dangerous and toxic.
  • Like with any chemical product, test a small portion of the surface first to make sure the product will work without causing surface or structural damage.
  • For this same reason, always buy your first batch of Graffiti removal products in sample sizes. You don’t want to be left with a large can of paint stripper you can’t use.

If you are dealing with a valuable surface, an historic building, or an unstable / collapsible surface, please call the professionals!

Always read Graffiti removal product labels carefully first. Also, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations. This is because most Graffiti removal products are flammable. Always use precautionary measures and safety equipment, such as gloves, safety glasses and overalls to cover your clothes.


And remember, when all else fails, you can always plaster or paint over the Graffiti. There is a wide range of anti-Graffiti paints on the market. These anti-Graffiti coatings actually prevent Graffiti paint from bonding or melding with the surface it is made on. This is why Civic Waste Graffiti removal and cleaning services strive to remain budget-friendly and accessible to anyone who doesn’t have the time or expertise to remove it themselves. 


If you have a beautiful brick surface that has been defaced by Graffiti and you don’t want to paint or plaster over it, please know that our sweeping, scrubbing, suction, and steam pressure washing techniques lend themselves very well to removing Graffiti on such precious surfaces.

What Graffiti Removal Services Does Civic Waste Offer?

Our graffiti removal services include: 

  • Anti-graffiti protective coating applications
  • Commercial building graffiti removal
  • Graffiti prevention & management plans
  • Public and street area graffiti removal
  • Steam and pressure washing
  • School graffiti removal and prevention programme

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