When looking for a waste collection solution or a way to keep a site or building clean and tidy, customers tend to have a few questions. Here are some of the most commonly asked queries to give you some insight into what you need to know when looking for property and site maintenance services.

1. How quickly can you get sweeping and cleaning work done? Usually Civic Waste can find a way to be flexible and responsive on a tight deadline; it’s something that we are proud of and receive lots of good customer feedback on. We have been known to be on site in an hour, but there are occasions where we can’t meet last minute customer requests, especially where other factors such as weather or traffic management is involved and it depends on where in New Zealand you are. But generally we find a way to provide good service and a quick turnaround.

 2. Do you do regular site maintenance or just one-off jobs? We do both! For most of our clients, we do regular maintenance that keeps their building, forecourt, construction site, roads or school in good shape at an affordable price. But we can also step in and execute a one-off sweep or clean, waste collection or graffiti removal, when clients need it.

3. How much does it cost for hard surface sweeping? No matter what Civic service you need, the cost depends on the type of job and its urgency. That’s why, with hard surface sweeping, we like to make a site visit to see what condition the surface is in and how much waste we are likely to pick up and collect. Waste fees are an additional cost if the customer wants us to take waste offsite and dispose of it correctly, so there are a few factors to consider with each job.

 4. Do you have road sweepers available at short notice? Civic’s Hamilton depot has a fleet of sweepers, running almost 24/7 across the greater Waikato region (as far north as Pokeno, west to Raglan, east to Te Aroha, and south to the King Country). In Auckland, we operate from Wellsford to the Bombay Hills, and in the Wellington region, from the Kapiti Coast in the north to the bottom of the North Island in the south. While it’s preferable to work to scheduled jobs, we do have the flexibility to respond to urgent works at short notice. Just get in touch with us, and we’ll see what we can do!

5. Help, we’ve been graffiti’d! Can you remove graffiti from a painted surface without having to paint over the top? Depending on the paint used to graffiti your property, removal will usually require a chemical application strong enough to remove graffiti which would also remove paint from the substrate underneath. Unless the substrate is protected with our Graffiti Guard, you would have to colour match it and paint over it once the graffiti has been removed. If the substrate is unpainted, such as rock walls, unpainted concrete, natural timber, steel, aluminium, etc., we can use a chemical application and a pressure wash for graffiti removal.

6. Can you colour match existing paint colours when repairing graffiti damage? Yes, we can. Ideally you provide the original paint colour name or code, but if you don’t have the paint colour, we can take a sample and colour match it or use colour swatches. We then apply a test spot and get you to approve the colour before we proceed.

7. Can you remove graffiti from signage? We can, but we often need to do a test spot to determine if the removal process will affect the sign writing on your signage. If the sign is protected with a film or coating, the chemicals used may damage the sign writing.

8. What kind of bin do I need? We have all sorts of bins available in Wellington, from skips that are 3m³, 4.5m³, 6m³, 7.5m³ and 9m³, to wheelie bins and customisable 120l bins. It depends where in the country you are and what sort of capacity you require. On our website we have more details on bin dimensions and prepaid weights to help you make the correct choice, or call us on 0800 1CIVIC and we can take it from there.

9. Do you do WINZ quotes for skip bins? Yes we do, for our Wellington clients. We are an accredited supplier to the Ministry of Social Development in the Capital and can help you with quotes for Work & Income New Zealand.