Commercial Sweeping

Commercial Mechanical Sweeping Services

If you are a private or public organisation with facilities, roads, or property that must be kept clean so that people can enjoy them, Civic Waste Mechanical Sweeping Services can help. 

After specialising in mechanical sweeping for over 30 years, Civic Waste uses only the best environmentally-friendly solutions and the latest innovative equipment.

We have both diesel and electric mechanical sweepers available

Regenerative Road Sweepers

Regenerative road sweepers are different from standard vacuum sweepers. They use a blasting and suction action, which is more effective at removing and cleaning

Compact Cabin Sweepers

Compact cabin sweepers are designed to fit in narrow areas, such as alleyways and driveways, set between a confined space or entrance. For all those particularly hard to reach areas and passages that still require thorough cleaning, but are too labour intensive for manual cleaning. The strong sweeping and blasting capabilities combined with the compact cabin sweeper’s agility makes it perfect for urban areas.

Ride-on Sweepers

Ride-on sweepers are different from other mechanical sweeping equipment. The user sits atop on board the machine to operate it. This is why it’s called a ride on. Ride-on sweepers are industrial floor sweepers. They are designed with traction and a high degree of productivity, as well as the position of the seat offering a greater degree of observation and comfort for the operator.

Walk-behind Sweepers

Also called pedestrian sweepers or manual sweepers, walk-behind sweepers are a category of floor sweeping machines. They are agile and easy to handle. Walk-behind sweepers are user operated; the operator controls the function of the machine via the handle, and walks behind the machine while it is in operation. The user is able to guide the forward motion either manually or with traction.

What Commercial Sweeping Services Does Civic Waste Offer?

If you are looking for a comprehensive cleaning and sweeping service near you, Civic Waste can help. We service both private and public sectors that require sweeping services. We have the efficient machinery that’s needed to get the job done in an environmentally responsible and professional manner.

We’re all about building a cleaner future by protecting the environment. Civic Waste holds itself to an exceptionally high standard because sweeping is not just our profession, it’s our passion.

Civic Waste offers an uncompromising standard of excellence and professionalism for all sweeping, cleaning, and environmental maintenance. With the use of state of the art technology and equipment, we can have the job done quickly and safely.


Our socially responsible sweeping services include:

  • Carpark sweeping
  • Roads and national highways / dual carriageways
  • Kerb cleaning
  • Channel / drain entrance cleaning
  • Guardrail and v-drain cleaning and sweeping
  • Airport and car park sweeping
  • Construction site cleaning and sweeping
  • Reseal chip removal – chip sealing involves an asphalt emulsion being sprayed on the tarmac. The new surface consists of uniformly aggregated chips. Excess chips are cleared away and disposed of in a responsible fashion.
  • Footpaths, walkways, pavements, and cycle paths – cleaned and swept after storms, inclement weather, public meetings, and race or marathon meets.
  • Factory floor spaces and warehouse spaces – these areas demand specialist sanitation cleaning and sweeping techniques.
  • Leaf fall removal, both inside and outside seasonal sweeping months, also post-storm sweeping and cleaning services are available.
  • Major event sweeping and cleaning. Post-event stadium cleaning, or where any larger gathering has been assembled. We also do pre-event sweeping and cleaning.
  • Sport stadium cleaning, all size sports oriented pre- and post-game prep and clean down.
  • Line marking surface prep – get the area meticulously cleaned before lines are marked and painted.
  • Mulch collection and responsible re-use. Waste management and organic waste management.


Civic Waste has nurtured an unrivalled mechanical cleaning system with professional staff, qualified operators and support crew. Our sweeping service is the most economic, environmentally responsible way of keeping communities clean.

Civic Waste - Keeping Communities Clean For Over 30 Years!

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