We have had many requests recently from commercial and private clients to remove graffiti from walls and properties. The trend seems to be that where the graffiti is found, more quickly follows, so commercial property owners, including hotels, offices and schools, are wanting a fast turnaround in removing the graffiti and a solution to make repeat vandalism easier to deal with.

Civic Waste is busy working around Auckland, Wellington and Hamilton proactively and reactively removing tags and other graffiti. We’ve seen a spike in Auckland city recently, with tagging numbers being at an all-time high, so we have increased our graffiti removal staff numbers to assist with keeping the city looking clean and tidy.

We have researched the best methods to deal with areas that are often targeted, without damaging the surface that was tagged, and the solution we use is known as Graffiti Guarding. Graffiti Guarding is a proactive process that provides prevention and protection. It protects the substrate the next time graffiti occurs and makes any future removals much easier. We apply the product multiple times to a freshly cleaned area, so that the next time the area is tagged there is no need for repainting or other intensive removal methods. Once it has been applied, removing fresh graffiti is as simple as using a cloth and a specific biodegradable and eco-friendly chemical that wipes the tag off.  Over time, it saves our customers money as removal takes significantly less time, uses less product (such as paint, rollers, chemicals, and pressure washing), and is better for the environment as a whole.

Even street art murals can be defaced by taggers, so Graffiti Guarding is a great solution to these council-funded artworks. So if you decide to brighten your walls, fences or building with a skilfully painted piece of art and don’t want taggers to deface it, get in touch. For enquiries into graffiti guarding on other surfaces, call or email us for more details.