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High Pressure Steam and Water Blasting Cleaning Service

Civic Waste cleaning services extend to high pressure steam cleaning and cold pressure washing too. Our expert cleaning team applies cutting edge machinery and equipment to every task, which assures a more thorough, faster clean-up.

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What Are the Benefits of High Pressure Steam and Water Blasting?

Cleaning residential and business premises means attending to the interior and exterior surfaces so that they present a clean image to the world. 

When you opt for high pressure steam cleaning or water blasting, you can be sure that your home, business, or public area will really stand out from the crowd after the process is complete.

One of the biggest advantages of a professional high pressure steam and water blasting cleaning is this: the entire process is safe and non-polluting. This cleaning method solves public, industrial, and home caked-in dirt problems. 

  • Organic residue
  • Green and black moulds
  • Moss and lichen
  • Graffiti removal
  • Acts of vandalism 

High pressure water blasting is the best way to prepare a surface to receive paint. The process blasts away peeling paint and ivy or creeper suckers so that the paint can go on smoothly. 

  • External house washing
  • Driveway water blasting to get rid of certain surface stains and moss growth
  • Runway and car park cleaning

When you choose this cleaning method, it is also highly effective in ridding the surface of invisible contaminants, which makes it ideal for cleaning walkways around fountains and swimming pools.

When you choose this cleaning method, it is also highly effective in ridding the surface of invisible contaminants, which makes it ideal for cleaning walkways around fountains and swimming pools.

Additionally, high pressure steaming and water blasting solutions can target spots with degraded or weakened concrete and surface corners to rid the area of debris, but the process does not cause undamaged concrete or bonded surfaces to weaken or erode. 

Water blasting can even be used to clean tanks and containment chambers. It is suitable for all tanks containing organic material, as the process is completely chemical-free and abrasive-free. This means that you will be able to redefine the presentation and appearance of your residential, municipal, or commercial property alongside the maintenance of health and safety standards.

Water blasting and high pressure steam cleaning services save you time, money, and energy, because you can find it all under one roof. There’s no need to look further for a cleaning process that ticks all the boxes.

What is High Pressure Water Cleaning?

High pressure water cleaning services provide the property owner or manager with a fast and effective way of bringing the aesthetics of a surface or area back to pristine condition. The high pressure water cleaning system uses between 5,000 – 36,000 psi (roughly 2,480 bar) to remove many different kinds of stubborn dirt:

      • Grime and grease
      • Loose paint and flaking, peeling old paint
      • Mud
      • Mould
      • Animal waste

Many other surfaces besides walls can be cleaned using high pressure steam and water:

      • Tanks, both metal and plastic
      • Buildings
      • Vehicles
      • Pavements, walkways, and roads
      • Bridges and flyovers
      • Pipes, and many more surfaces 

Water is the primary cleaning agent in this process because of its natural substance dissolving capabilities, more so than any other liquid. When it comes to pressure cleaning services, water is called the ‘universal solvent,’ because it dissolves so many surface dirts.

When it comes to debris stuck onto the surface, that’s where the high pressure comes in: the force of the water coming out of the system is strong enough to blast away anything in front of its stream. The water’s natural cleaning ability is enhanced by the pressure created by the mechanical action of the equipment to dislodge even microscopic dirt from the surface and weaken any debris bond.

That’s why everyone on our Civic Waste high pressure water cleaning crew is professionally trained to use the equipment in a safe and timely manner. The Civic Waste team doesn’t stop until nothing remains on the surface.  

It’s a real science to know the correct speed and amount of pressurised water that is needed for each individual cleaning job. That is why high pressure stream and water blasting cleaning is an extremely effective and efficient way to spruce up residential, industrial, commercial, and municipal cleaning tasks.

What is High Pressure Steam Cleaning?

Our equipment is top of the line and our team is trained to clean a wide range of surfaces using a variety of different methods. Steam pressure is when water is heated to a temperature of more than180 degrees, which then superheats it to create dry steam. Hot water of around 150 bars of pressure is also blasted onto the surface. 

This steam pressure deep cleans and degreases surfaces in seconds. If you are not sure which method of high pressure cleaning best suits your cleaning needs, please contact Civic Waste for more details.

Civic Waste high pressure steam and water blasting cleaning services include:

  • All buildings and surfaces
  • Driveways and concrete
  • All surfaces of paving and pathways
  • Grouted tiled areas, both walls and floors
  • Both roof tiles and zinc/tin roofing 
  • Graffiti removal
  • Sewerage and drains cleaning
  • Tank and vessel cleaning
  • General plant descaling
  • Protective and surface coating removal
  • Column and tower cleaning
  • Mould and dirt removal containers and surfaces
  • Fascia and eaves 
  • Both high and low pressure cleaning available 
  • Exterior timber structures, pergolas, gazebos
  • Strip and seal 
  • Pre-paint surface preparation
  • External and internal pipe and tube cleaning
  • Hydro excavation
  • All surfaces of floors cleaned
  • Tube descaling

What is the Biggest Benefit of Using a High Pressure Steam and Water Blasting Cleaning Service?

In any environment, noise pollution is a concern. Whether you work and live in a high population density urban area, a business park or the leafy suburbs, it’s never a good idea to use a service that interrupts the peace and quiet.

That’s why the biggest benefit of using a high pressure steam and water blasting cleaning service is its sound suppression technology. Not only does this allow our team to work in sound sensitive areas at night – around hospitals, aged care facilities and residential homes – but the anti-noise pollution technology enables the Civic Waste team to complete its work in record time by working around the clock.

Preserve the peace of your neighbourhood and keep your work space exterior quiet by calling Civic Waste today for a sound suppressed high pressure steam and water blasting clearing service quote today.

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