As Auckland moves out of Level 4, and the rest of New Zealand moves to a less strict Level 2, we want to give a huge thank you to Civic Waste’s essential workers, who have been grafting hard under lockdown conditions to make sure our cities are clean.

In the Waikato, we continued emptying bins for Hamilton City Council throughout Levels 3 and 4, but put a hold on litter collection, sweeping, sumping, and steam cleaning. We began a bus shelter sanitisation programme (a deep, COVID-19 cleaning of all surfaces), through Infrastructure Alliance, and we will continue to keep bus stops clean until Hamilton goes to Level 1.

Further north, in Auckland, we’ve also been cleaning bus shelters and public toilets with our deep cleaning protocol, which follows World Health Organization guidelines when it comes to disinfectant germicides and utilises our specialist services, including chemical mixers, electrostatic fogging (a process using a powerful germicide and sanitiser to keep spaces germ-free for up to seven days), and pressure and steam washing to deep-clean and sterilise interior and exterior surfaces. On top of that, our Hard Surface Team has been busy sweeping Cornwall Park’s roads, once a week, in the evenings, to keep the public space in top condition, and we’ve been sweeping streets and emptying park bins in South Auckland. Throughout lockdown, Civic Waste employees have also been on call to remove offensive graffiti vandalism for Auckland Council.

In Wellington, Civic Waste worked throughout Level 4, collecting rubbish from the kerbside for Porirua City Council.

We’re very grateful to the rest of our very patient Civic staff around the country, who didn’t get the chance to work at Level 4 and are keen to get back on the job. Wherever you are in New Zealand, we can help you with your cleaning needs, no matter what alert level your region is in. Get in touch for more information or a quote.